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Helsinki, Finland

Hotel Avion

General Info

Helsinki is the cultural center of Finland. English speaking tourists will welcome the fact that nearly 90% of the residents in this metropolitan city also speak English in addition to the native language as well as several other European languages. There are many¬†things to do in Helsinki, so many in fact that potential visitors should do themselves a favor and plan out their trip before hand to encompass the various seasonal festivals that they may want to attend. Vappu is a daylong festival where students take over the city center and have a huge party. Nearly all the bars and restaurants in the city center participate in the party that lasts all night and into the next morning. This should definitely be on a visitor’s itinerary if they love to party. Helsinki is not all about the parties however, a beautiful cluster of islands surrounds the city center and makes a great tourist destination. Additionally there are several parks located in and around the city that offer various amenities such as live theaters or cafes.

Helsinki Hotels

Because Helsinki is a large metropolitan city finding a Helsinki hotel- Helsinki restaurant is incredibly easy; similar to finding a place to eat or sleep in New York or Paris. Much like everything else in Helsinki though its restaurants and hotels are very expensive. Lunch is the cheapest time to eat, as often times you will be able to find a lunch special that offers a discount. Beyond this however the only cheap food in Helsinki is fast food such as the American McDonald’s. If your budget allows you will find excellent international dining, however if you’re on a budget Helsinki dining can be somewhat limited.

Car parking

There are no issues with car parking – car hire in Helsinki; just be prepared to pay for it. Like most European cities Helsinki was not built from the ground up with the automobile in mind, therefore a mixture of old and modern streets crisscross the city in a fashion that makes driving particularly difficult for non natives. However unlike other European cities that make up for this shortcoming with affordable public transportation Helsinki has some of the most expensive public transportation in Europe. This is not to say that the public transportation is not excellent, it is, but it is very expensive and prone to being unavailable late at night. To avoid transportation woes it is a good idea to rent a bicycle and simply bike around the city if your trip permits it.

Helsinki Shopping

Helsinki shopping is a worthwhile endeavor though be sure to have the budget to accommodate. Helsinki is known to have some of the most expensive shopping in the region so don’t visit hoping to find any bargains. Though it is expensive that does not mean Helsinki shopping is not rewarding; if you’re a fan of any type of regional Finnish art work or designs then Helsinki will have a lot to offer you. There are a number of shopping malls in Helsinki, as well as several shopping districts that vary in both price and scope. Esplanadi Blvd. is a very popular shopping district that is packed with very pricey upscale boutique shopping.